Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pr. Peters on Finding the Lutheran Church

Please take a moment to head over to Pr. Larry Peter's blog and read his latest post, which is most excellent.  In fact, while you're there, take a gander at some of his past posts.  His blog has quickly become one of my favorites.  I just added his blog, Pastoral Meanderings, to my blog list.  Actually, I thought I had done that a while back, but I guess not.  Anyway, it's there now, and it is definitely worth checking often.   


IggyAntiochus said...

I was already a regular reader, but had not clicked on the "follow" button until now.

Pastor Peters offers excellent posts pretty much daily. I am looking forward to delving into his Oct. 23rd post called "Learning How to Pray."

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...

Pr. Peters can be my pastor any day, and twice on Sundays! :)

IggyAntiochus said...

I am thinking my own blog is eventually just going to contain links to Pastor Peters' blog! The most recent post on The New Reformation is spot-on as always.

If he ever accepts a call into my area of the country, he WILL be my pastor twice on Sundays :)